Magnesium Anodes PM 15-80

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Магниевый протектор ПМ 15-80 Magnesium Anodes PM are used to protect the underground metallic elements of the buildings and constructions against corrosion caused by the stray soil currents. It is recommended to use these anodes in high corrosion aggressivity soils, as well as in case of detecting corrosion spots on the surface of an underground metal facility.

Operating Principle

A protection device is a type of electrochemical protection against corrosion. Magnesium protector serves to be an anode and has a higher value of the negative potential than the metal of the protected construction. Direct current runs to the surface of the protected part via electrolyte, thus limiting the corrosive destruction of the metal. Anode PM 15-80 is developed specifically for the protection of oil gas reservoirs and routes.

The Advantages of Protection System with Magnesium Anodes PM 15-80

  • An Anode is stable even in the soils with high resistance.
  • A spacious field of an object is generated, which provides the protection of a huge area with underground constructions against corrosion.
  • The equipment is easy to mount – the Anode is mounted in a trench near the protected object.
  • Magnesium Anode has high efficiency coefficient – up to 95%.
  • Low dissolution rate of anode provides long protection with no displacement of the protector – min 15 years.
  • In case of the protection for an extended area it is possible to mount several Magnesium anodes in a 15-80 group with one test station via connection to a drainage conductor.
  • Connections are multi-purpose and can be performed by several circuitries; with an uninterrupted protector, interrupted extended protector, with two uninterrupted protectors.
EHZ-CENTER sells the equipment to provide the electrochemical protection. Our consultants help to choose the right equipment in accordance with your project requirements. Check the price for Magnesium Anodes PM 15-80 and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at
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