Junction Box КМТ-1

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Pipe Metal Box КМТ-1 is used to commutate the power and measurement cables at constructing electrochemical protection system for underground metal elements of the constructions and buildings affected by the soil corrosion. КМТ-1 is an integral part of cathodic protection system and is necessary to connect the measurement and power elements of electrochemical protection to switching and measurement point.

Design Features

  • The contacts are reliable due to additional magnetic anchor inside the box. .
  • Screw-fixed sealing rings used to lead in the conductors provide great tightness and water tightness when connecting the cables.
  • KМТ-1 gives a reliable attachment of cable conductors with 1.5 – 5 mm² section.
  • A metal body with protective paint and varnish coating protects and extends the service life of a structure. A rubber gasket at the cover seals the structure.
  • 10 couples of clamps on the block secure power and measurement cables and provides the possibility for their switching and partition.
  • A Junction Box КМТ-1 provides the protection category IP-65 in accordance with GOST 14254-80. The product is manufactured in accordance with TU 3464-043-73892839-2013.
  • The value of the running voltage of direct current is up to 400 V, in case of alternating current it is up to 660 V.
Usage recommendations, as well as the safety measures are given in a datasheet and Maintenance Guidelines. The specialists of EHZ-CENTER help you to choose the right equipment to construct and to commutate cathodic protection systems with due regard to project requirements. Check the price for Junction Box КМТ-1 and leave your request at 8-800-250-11-83 or send a request at ehz.center@gmail.com.
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