Drainage protection unit

Drainage Protection Stations BDZ Shared Protection Stations BSZ

Diode-resistor block

Diode Resistor Station BDR-M2 Diode Resistor Station BDRM-10 / BDRM-25

Corrosion Sensors

Analyzer of Corrosion Monitoring IKP Corrosion Monitoring Sensor IKP Corrosion Sensor DSK-1 Sensor Plates BPI-2

Grounding Anode

Grounding Anodes AZZhK, ELZhK Extended Grounding Anode Rod
Surface Applied Grounding
Grounding Anode
Graphite Electrodes EGT-2500

Test Stations (KIP)

Test Stations KIP.L (Lider) SKIP-G SKIP-1, SKIP-2 KIP XS Test Station PVEK for gas pipelines Test Station “Energomera”, KIP version KIP.SK

Cathodic Protection Stations, Devices, Converters

Drainage Station DRP-М1 Cathodic Protection Devices (Stations) UKZT Automatic Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection Systems V-OPE Converters for Cathodic Protection System PKZ-АR, IKPZ-RА UKZV UKZN Cathodic Protection Station Tvertsa-900 Lightning Overvoltage Protection Unit

Thermite Cable Welding for Electrochemical Protection Systems

Thermite Crayons Melting Mold Soldering Welding Rods EHZ-1152, EHZ-1150 Thermite Copper Mixture / Thermomixture Thermite Matches / Thermomatches Thermo Bulbs PAS-50

Magnesium Anodes

Zinc Anodes P-KOTs-5, P-KOTs-10, P-KOTs-15, P-KOTs-18, P-KOTs-36 Aluminum Anodes PAKR-8, PAKR-10, PAKR-12, PAKR-15, PAKR-18 Anodes MPM-К-20-U | MPM-К-10-U Magnesium Anodes PM-5U / PM-10U / PM-20U Magnesium Anodes PM 15-80

Pipeline Maintenance and Construction Materials

Guide Rings ONK Guide Rings PMTD Dielectric Rings SPACER Water Tight Neck Gaskets TIP-2 Rubber Neck Gaskets PMTD Protecting Cover for Water Tight Neck Gasket UZMG Cover U-PMTD-S, U-PMTD-S-ОКS, U-PMTD-SК Carbonaceous Backfill КМА Junction Box КМТ-1

Copper-Sulphate Reference Electrodes

Reference Electrodes ENES-1 Reference Electrodes ENES-1МS2 Reference Electrodes ENES-3M Reference Electrodes SMES Reference Electrodes EMS-1,2 / EMS-0,4 / EMS-ВЭ Reference Electrodes ESN-МS2 Reference Electrodes ESMS-E.PVEK Bimetal Reference Electrodes EDB-2P