Guide Rings PMTD, Back-Up Rings PMTD

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The product is used at putting metal pipes in a protective casing under highways, railroads, water barriers and utilities. They secure the project defined position of a pipeline in relation to the casing, even load distribution along all sections of the main pipeline, ease the process of pulling a pipe in the casing and create electrical insulation which prevents stray currents from getting inside between the casing and a carrier pipeline. These products are the same as Guide Rings ONK but differ in higher rigidity of the frame and supports with a lower friction coefficient. EHZ-CENTER offers you to buy Guide Rings PMTD at the best terms.

Design and Types

The abbreviation of the product means main pipeline crossing under the roads. The products consist of 2 semi-rings, fixing elements and gaskets. When installed, the semi-rings are drawn together with screw connections. Supports which are made from different materials are mounted and fixed on them, thus there are different types of products: Монтаж на трубопровод опорно-направляющих колец ПМТД
  • I type — polyamide is used for the supports, it takes all load at pulling a up to 200 m pipe in the casing;
  • II type differs by roller supports (rolling contact bearings). The number of the rollers is defined by the crossing length, pressure on the anti-corrosive coating of an object, weight and other factors. This type of products is used to pull up to 200 m pipes in the casing, these pipelines can be cut-and-cover (bored) or made by directional drilling.
II Type Rings can also be combined: roller supports are fixed at the low semi-ring, while sliding supports are placed on the upper semi-ring. They are used to pull a 2000 m pipe in the casing. All rings are delivered with a rubber gasket and assembled by segments on site. Their price depends on particular parameters. For example, in your choice please consider the pipeline length to pull in order to define the required type of a ring, as well as the casing pipe diameter and the diameter of protective cables of communication cables.

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With EHZ-CENTER you can buy the products at the best price. The qualified employees consult you on any questions. The delivery of the products takes no time. Check the price for Guide Rings PMTD and make an order by filling in a request form on our website.
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